World of Tanks……..

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I now I haven’t post in while sorry just kinda lost interested in this bloging deal..

Iv open a Clan for World of tanks Im looking to recruit players for it new players vet players all are welcome age 18+  for more info look on ICM website link on blog role under ICM Interceptors Clan of Merx…..

Link to the WoT page

ICM Dredhawk


Gundam Age Episode 2 out!!!!!!!!

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I haven’t watch episode 2 yet but it up and subbed….


Gundam Age Episode 2 link

Mobile Suit Gundam Age….

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Gundam Age just came out yesterday so fare I like it but that me LOL New gundam series is on a A.G Advanced Generation calendar They already have a Sub out for it…

Mobile Suit Gundam Age Episode 1

Today is 9/11/2011

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Today is 9-11….. 10 years ago today some terrorist group decide they wanted to run planes into important US land marks World Trade Center, Pentagon few others they try to hit but failed…. people that keep track of history  remembers Pearl Harbor that happen December 7, 1941 70 years go….as the New Generation takes offer 60 years from now it will just be a foot note in World History US history the people that are alive today will be dead or old…only thing Future Generation will have is Film, Photos, audio, similar to what the current generation has with the Events of WW2  and Pearl Harbor in time the hatred  and loss will subside like it did with Pearl harbor…..But one thing is History should never be forgot It should be remember in hope that nothing like this happens again. But history tends to repeat itself people don’t listen to the lessons of the past and make the same stupid mistake offer again.

In honor of, Fireman, Police man, Military people, Civilians that try to help people out of the World Trade center knowing that they could get killed they  could’ve just said im out here but they went in and save as many people as they could before the World Trade Center fell. Also to all the people that did died on 9/11/2001 a day people will remember just like Pearl Harbor…


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I was thinking of Andromeda and wanted to watch it never watch all 5 season manly because it came on at time I could-en watch it I found a site were you can watch Andromeda also other show as well if you search….Ill put a link put on my Blog Roll…

I Change the Blog up.

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I was tired of the same look only problem I cant find to many template’s I like.  oh well LOL

World of Tanks!!!!!!

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Iv recorded 2 match’s I might record more.  1st match was Driving a KV-1S second match a SU-85. Im adding a link on my Blog roll to WoT.


This one i wasn’t doing to well I just got a KV-1S a week ago I was using the 76 mm S-54 gun. I should went with the 122 mm U-11 but it got longer reload time but it would’ve work great in this match. But up against a IS-3 the 122mm U-11 would been better.

here a link to the Characteristics of the KV-1S



I was driving a SU-85 TD Tank Destroyer. I did pretty good there an art to playing TD there more of sneak and snip type tank. The SU-85 i was using is almost Elite just need to research SU-100. I was using the 107 mm ZiS-6S with Medium-Caliber Tank Gun rammer and Camo the crews at 87%.

Tank Characteristics




Here anther vid i made in March. Was driving a M2 Light Tank this was in Beta.. When the reset everything i decide to play with the Russian Tank Tree I start to go down the US tree again

Tank Characteristics