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Happy New Year!!!!

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Just wont to wish every one a Happy New Year.  Hope 2010 was good for every one.  Maybe 2011 will be better.  Also hope there no deaths out there due to Drinking and drive or anything to that nature.  My Sister best friend was killed buy drunk driver back in Dec 1997.  My sister was with her at the time the emergency people arrived had no idea how she survived.  My be must of been meant to do something.  Funny thing is she a High school teacher. I would never have thot back in 1997 she would end up being a teacher 13 some odd years later.

Later and Driver safe and don’t drink and drive!!!!!!!


PG Strike Freedom

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Plamo Addiction is a blog i look at from time to time been working a Perfect Grade Strike Freedom had some wing problem.  anyway he just finsh painting the inner frame gold. Looks great.  If you interested in his work you should run offer there and look i have him in my Blogroll look for Plamo Addiction.  Ill just make it easy for yall!!!!

Gouf Custom Paint update

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Its warm enough today I can start to paint the Bright red.  ill proble be done with it in week or so.   The shoulder paint might be funny dint tap off good lol ill need to work at my masking tap skills.  Maybe when i do anther one it will be better i don’t now when that will be.  i try something a little hard next time.

Rodent Rats!!!!!!!

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Ever year around winter time we get rodents manly rats. This year no different. doesn’t matter how hard you try to get ride of them they pop back up. if the world come to end they would be likely to survive and possible be the next dominant spices LOL. Most of the time we just put Rat poison out.  ever once will well find them dead or near death some were dear the Rat Poison.  or rat traps.  Couple years back i got 2 or 3 of them in traps. Im going to throw some pic up if you dont like the sit of rats rodents i would stop here.   Its nothing really bad or anthing.  The First pic are from 2 or 3 years ago. got big one well there proble bigger out there.















The Next Set of photos are from today this sucker was still alive a little guess poison wasnt done working LOL or was taking a nap LOL hes dead a gone now well i think he or she is i throw it out in the street.  And please don’t give that to cruel to do sorry im not a animal actives.


PG Strike Freedom Gundam : Mirror Base

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LOL there a Mirror base out there for the New Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam.

There a few more pic at this Link.

My Christmas presents!!!!!!

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Hello there hope ever one had a good Christmas!!!!!!  It was good for me cant complain about it im lucky compared to some other people out there.

First up Update on my Gouf Custom painting.   I haven’t done much since the lasted update the weathers a little cold to be painting.  and painting inside is not recommended got a blasted headache for hours personnel I don’t now how people can sniff that stuff LOL.   Ill being doing some rework of some the parts did not tape off good enough so the paint got messed up.

The only thing I have got-en done is the Gatling gun and shield.


OK now to what i got.  My old PS3 Died a few months ago it last almost 4 years.  I fix it 4 times got tired of fielding with it.  I might post some pic of it apart later. I ask for a new one for Christmas got a PS3 Slim 160GB.

I got a couple games also. and some close manly socks and pants.

Halo Reach is better then i thot i would be. I’m almost tempted to pay the x-box live fee to play mutiplayer.  SW Force Unleashed 2 wasnt quit as good as the first one. If your looking to get that game I would what for the cheapos.  Assassins Creed Brotherhood pretty good. I pretty much start off from the end of AC 2 It also has Mutiplayer. Played one game off it. it looks interesting i might play it a little more once im done with the game.

Anyways see you at next post. later

Star Wars: The Old Republic Video Preview!!!

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Looks great I might just pay the monthly fee if they have it LOL.