My Christmas presents!!!!!!

Hello there hope ever one had a good Christmas!!!!!!  It was good for me cant complain about it im lucky compared to some other people out there.

First up Update on my Gouf Custom painting.   I haven’t done much since the lasted update the weathers a little cold to be painting.  and painting inside is not recommended got a blasted headache for hours personnel I don’t now how people can sniff that stuff LOL.   Ill being doing some rework of some the parts did not tape off good enough so the paint got messed up.

The only thing I have got-en done is the Gatling gun and shield.


OK now to what i got.  My old PS3 Died a few months ago it last almost 4 years.  I fix it 4 times got tired of fielding with it.  I might post some pic of it apart later. I ask for a new one for Christmas got a PS3 Slim 160GB.

I got a couple games also. and some close manly socks and pants.

Halo Reach is better then i thot i would be. I’m almost tempted to pay the x-box live fee to play mutiplayer.  SW Force Unleashed 2 wasnt quit as good as the first one. If your looking to get that game I would what for the cheapos.  Assassins Creed Brotherhood pretty good. I pretty much start off from the end of AC 2 It also has Mutiplayer. Played one game off it. it looks interesting i might play it a little more once im done with the game.

Anyways see you at next post. later


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