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Freespace Open FS-port missions 13,14,15

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Iv upload 13,14,15.  when i get around to it ill going to do 16,17,18 with voice commentary.   I might do a game run of FS2 if anyone intrested.  anyways here yall go.




ChevellePrime’s YouTube Channel Reviewer

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ChevellePrime is and up and coming transformer,toys,gundam,Dragon ballz review.  He just did a review on HCM Pro Space Commander Tieren.   He also done a few Tranfomer review.  Im posting this is because he need help. hes only getting 10,20 views.  If you look at his V-log 2: the rising.  you can tell he little depressed.  Needs some encouraging.   When you upload stuff and post stuff and you get 10 views in 1 week.  it would make most people go why bother.  I some time wonder why i bother to upload anything my self. but i do anyways if i get 10 views that ok. it better then 0. LOL

I adding his channel to my blog roll. im also puting up he latest 2 reviews.


Hello all!!!!

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Sorry haven’t post anything in week.  Im uploading mission 13,14,15 of Freespace open.  after i upload these im going to do the rest with a voice commentary.   Thanks to the 15 or so people that have have been visiting my blog the lasted 5 days.

Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries- MekPak 3.1 Free Releases

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They have done a site update lasted week  and week before there was a .0028 update to the Free Releases they did severly fix and added Linebacker mech-Clan 65 ton.  Its amazing after 10 years this game still got some life to it.   Mutilplayer still a little strong not as much as it was in the heyday of the game releases.  The only league that still around is MWL mechwarrior league.  but it not doing all that well its been doing a slow death for the last couple of years. Ill add a link to MWL on my blog roll as well as a link to ICM the Clan im in.  its not very active most of the member dont have as much time as they use to.  but it one of the older Mechwarrior clans. used to be pretty big to.  but there as some falling out with ICM The Judge the Kahn of the clan still is just retired.  My call sign {ICM}Dredhawk.

ICM use to have 3 lances. Alpha (which played Vengence), Bravo (Black Knight expansion pack), & Charlie (Mechwarrior Mercenaries).

Thejudge started throwing ungodly rules on us. so, Shifted (Charlie Lance leader) broke off C-lance and created The MisFit Toyz (tags were TYZ).
TYZ played as a unit for 3 years then split again. I created DKL and ChainDog created USA.

That’s the history.



AMV-Yu Yu Hakusho

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One of my 4 music vid i have done i would make more but i really dont fell like working on another one.


Gundam 00/Code Geass AMV – This is War 2.0 [HD]

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sloken18amv say this will be his lasted version but he said that 2 version ago.  this version pretty good but the 1.7 i think was slightly better.


IGN Game of the Year 2010!!!!!!

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Who would figured it would me Mass effect 2 i figer Call or Duty black ops or Halo Reach would win LOL