Freespace Open Trailer!!!!!!

Don’t now if anyone around here ever heard of Freespace. FS1 came out in 97 or 98 FS2 came out in 1999 it was a space simulator.  When it came out i play the heck out of it i still do from time to time. The version that out now is improve alot from the 1999 release. The update they been work on for 10 year or so look great. you got to remember that the people doing this are doing it in there spare time. most of them have a life. there not getting paid to do this there doing because they like Freespace universe.

Im also going to post a link to the intro scene from FS1 and FS2

I have link on my Blog roll to Hard Light Production.  If you wont to play the game yall still have to buy it.  Freespace open dosnt have the full verion anymore for while it did because i was hard to find. now since a few site that let you buy and download it they decide to get rid of the full version.  here a link to one site that has it for download

Once you get it you can download FS open and get FS1 as well as all the other fan made campaign people have made offer the lasted 10 years.

The site might be confusing if you need help finger out what to do ask or register on forums look  it alot easyer to install now that was 5 years ago they have an installer now that will install it for you. the first cople version came out had you download a crap load of files it was confusing as heck. lol


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