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Japan Tragedy!!!!!

Posted in Post on March 13, 2011 by Dredhawk

Just wont to post something!!!!!!!

I sorry for all the people in Japan that were killed. But the Japanese people have a strong culture that will prevail at the end of the day. Lets not forget WW2 and the 2 atomic bomb Hiroshima, Nagasaki those to were Tragic days but in that case it was war. I cant say if it was right or wrong that the pasts but i do now that the Japanese people came back stronger maybe not in military power but as technical power. Of all the nation of the world i bet Japan will have the first full functional big walking robot of some sort.

God-bless all the people in Japan and it people.




Freespace Open FS-port missions 16,17,18

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Just upload them sorry if you were whating for them haven’t felt like messing around with this at the moment. I have change the format and made the vids a little brighter.




Front Mission Evolved

Posted in Front Mission Evolved, Post, YouTube with tags , , on March 1, 2011 by Dredhawk

Just Finshed playing Front Mission Evolved a few days ago. Its game simlier to Armored Core. Ever other Front Mission game has been a turn based strategy RPG.  This game ok not worth full price I would rent it or get used.  The story pretty close to Gundam 00 almost as they just finsh watching Gundam 00 and based there game off of it.  The Voicing ok at least there speaking English.  It got Mutiplayer but didn’t try playing it.  The customize of the wazer pretty cool you can make a missed match colored Wazer if you wont. legs,torse, both arm you can change the color to.  it can hold up to 4 weapons.  It come on the PC,PS3,and 360.  The version i got was the PS3 version so cant tell you if the PC version better.

On Scale of 1 to 10 i give a 6.9.  Unless your a huge fan of Front Mission and big walking robot i would proble stay away from this game.  If you wont to try it rent it first.  But not worth full price.  My-be if it was Front Mission 6 and it was like the older games. Since 5 never came to the US.