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World of Tanks!!!!!!

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Iv recorded 2 match’s I might record more.  1st match was Driving a KV-1S second match a SU-85. Im adding a link on my Blog roll to WoT.


This one i wasn’t doing to well I just got a KV-1S a week ago I was using the 76 mm S-54 gun. I should went with the 122 mm U-11 but it got longer reload time but it would’ve work great in this match. But up against a IS-3 the 122mm U-11 would been better.

here a link to the Characteristics of the KV-1S



I was driving a SU-85 TD Tank Destroyer. I did pretty good there an art to playing TD there more of sneak and snip type tank. The SU-85 i was using is almost Elite just need to research SU-100. I was using the 107 mm ZiS-6S with Medium-Caliber Tank Gun rammer and Camo the crews at 87%.

Tank Characteristics




Here anther vid i made in March. Was driving a M2 Light Tank this was in Beta.. When the reset everything i decide to play with the Russian Tank Tree I start to go down the US tree again

Tank Characteristics






Freespace Open FS-port missions 19-20,21

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Iv upload 3 more mission well I put 19-20 together 19-20 are connect there was no point in making them separated vids.  21 has a part 1 and part 2 to long to fit in one vid.

Freespace Open FS-port missions 16,17,18

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Just upload them sorry if you were whating for them haven’t felt like messing around with this at the moment. I have change the format and made the vids a little brighter.




FSOpen Adding mods tutorial

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I had some one asking about adding mods so i made  a quit vid on adding mods to FS open.  when you done downloading the core file for the mod yall wont to add them to a new folder . with what ever name you wont.  the rest is in the vid. sorry i have post anything just haven’t been in the mood to. later



Freespace Open FS-port missions 13,14,15

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Iv upload 13,14,15.  when i get around to it ill going to do 16,17,18 with voice commentary.   I might do a game run of FS2 if anyone intrested.  anyways here yall go.



IGN Game of the Year 2010!!!!!!

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Who would figured it would me Mass effect 2 i figer Call or Duty black ops or Halo Reach would win LOL

Freespace Open FS-port missions 10,11,12

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I have 10,11,12 up. I had to make part 1 and 2. they were running a little loger then 15 mins. also the size of the file were getting a little to big  dont now when ill get 13,14,15.  When i feel like it i guess or if anyone what them up.