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Watching Naruto Shippuden

Posted in Naruto, Post with tags , on February 24, 2011 by Dredhawk

Iv start to watch this copla week ago now on episode 71.  Also found anther site to watch episodes sub.  Ill be adding a link to my blog roll.  Also been watching 7th Seson of Star Trek Deep Space 9 DS9 my fav star trek series. it why different then the other once.  Voyager is my least fav. I dont now if there any site out there to watch star trek i have most of it on DVD. dont have 3 season of Star Trek or the 7th season of Voyager.


Watching Naruto!!!!!

Posted in Naruto, Post with tags on January 11, 2011 by Dredhawk

Been watching Naruto i heard it was kinda like Dragon Ball Z, and Yu Yu Hakusho.  Just never really tried to watch it until now.  If you like Dragon Ball Z or Yu Yu Hakusho yall proble like Naruto.

Here a link i have found to watch it      Im sure you can find other place on line. if you look.