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Merry Chirstmas!!!!!

Posted in Post, Snow with tags , , , on December 22, 2010 by Dredhawk

I now Christmas not for 2 days but oh well. Christmas instead really Christmas anymore. To many people treat it as just a holiday away from work or just to get presents or give presents.  You go out to Walmart or some other place people say Happy Holiday, I say Merry Christmas.  There would be no Christmas if Jesus wasn’t born.  Its to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Well anyways here a snow video i made about year ago a photo music vid.  I took these while i was at work it was pretty much snowing all day Long. Thats rare in Dallas Texas area. To have a snow storm all day long. Thats rare in Texas when we might be 3 or more snow storm a year. some time we might just get 1.   Im adding some pic before the vid that i dint put in the vid i took them after i made the vid.