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Last 3 min of SGU!!!!!!!!!!

Posted in Post, Stargate Universe, YouTube with tags , , on May 10, 2011 by Dredhawk

The Final 3 min of SGU cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

Cancelled and ending before it time. Does the crew make throw the 3 years in hibernation does Eli get the his hibernation station working or does he suffocated and die in 2 week when he will have to shut down the rest of Life support so that Destiny doesn’t run of of power before they make it to the other Galaxy.

Will Star Gate be dead like Star Trek,Babylon 5, few other Sci Fi just to be replace with crappy show like WWE,American idiot,Desperate house hives,so you think you can’t dance, reality shows!!!!!!!!!! rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes