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Last 3 min of SGU!!!!!!!!!!

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The Final 3 min of SGU cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

Cancelled and ending before it time. Does the crew make throw the 3 years in hibernation does Eli get the his hibernation station working or does he suffocated and die in 2 week when he will have to shut down the rest of Life support so that Destiny doesn’t run of of power before they make it to the other Galaxy.

Will Star Gate be dead like Star Trek,Babylon 5, few other Sci Fi just to be replace with crappy show like WWE,American idiot,Desperate house hives,so you think you can’t dance, reality shows!!!!!!!!!! rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes


Ducks in pool!!!!!!!!!

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Lasted week sometime we had ducks decide to visited or pool Bets me why they drop bye there were severely thunder storm going around maybe they just felt like taking a brake what for the storms to pass throw who nose.

Freespace Open FS-port missions 19-20,21

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Iv upload 3 more mission well I put 19-20 together 19-20 are connect there was no point in making them separated vids.  21 has a part 1 and part 2 to long to fit in one vid.

Freespace Open FS-port missions 16,17,18

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Just upload them sorry if you were whating for them haven’t felt like messing around with this at the moment. I have change the format and made the vids a little brighter.




Front Mission Evolved

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Just Finshed playing Front Mission Evolved a few days ago. Its game simlier to Armored Core. Ever other Front Mission game has been a turn based strategy RPG.  This game ok not worth full price I would rent it or get used.  The story pretty close to Gundam 00 almost as they just finsh watching Gundam 00 and based there game off of it.  The Voicing ok at least there speaking English.  It got Mutiplayer but didn’t try playing it.  The customize of the wazer pretty cool you can make a missed match colored Wazer if you wont. legs,torse, both arm you can change the color to.  it can hold up to 4 weapons.  It come on the PC,PS3,and 360.  The version i got was the PS3 version so cant tell you if the PC version better.

On Scale of 1 to 10 i give a 6.9.  Unless your a huge fan of Front Mission and big walking robot i would proble stay away from this game.  If you wont to try it rent it first.  But not worth full price.  My-be if it was Front Mission 6 and it was like the older games. Since 5 never came to the US.







FSOpen Adding mods tutorial

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I had some one asking about adding mods so i made  a quit vid on adding mods to FS open.  when you done downloading the core file for the mod yall wont to add them to a new folder . with what ever name you wont.  the rest is in the vid. sorry i have post anything just haven’t been in the mood to. later



Freespace Open FS-port missions 13,14,15

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Iv upload 13,14,15.  when i get around to it ill going to do 16,17,18 with voice commentary.   I might do a game run of FS2 if anyone intrested.  anyways here yall go.