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Thanks for 10,000 hits!!!!!!!!

Posted in Post, Zoid Model, Zoids with tags , , , , on June 7, 2011 by Dredhawk

Even tho my hit rated flat lined after the SGU post don’t ask me why!?!?!?!?! Might be what I said who knows.  Anyways here a few pic of my Geno Saurer I got what a month ago when I find time ill add a sec and put my thoughts up on the Model ill also work on taken better pic my camera not all that great.  Some of the pic I took look ok with the lighting I had maybe if I add some-more lighting.  Hope yall Enjoy.  Later


Just order my first Zoid Highend model!!!!!!!!

Posted in Post, Zoids with tags , , , on May 2, 2011 by Dredhawk

I just ordererd a Zoids Highend Master Model HMM Command Geno Saurer 1/72 Scale Cant what for it to get in!!!!!!!!!!